Environmental building services

We call our Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health (MEP) services section Environmental Building Services because we strongly believe we go above and beyond the traditional service package. We are a company where working holistically is embedded in our work ethic alongside our Structural engineers and external design team architects.

Each and every day, building users interact and experience a building's environment making this critical to a successful design.

We design our building services to maximise efficiency and minimise energy expenditure, targeting high performance both environmentally and socially.

A good design is one that is sustainable, easily maintained and stands the test of time so that users, both present and future, will enjoy.

On top of a sustainably designed MEP package we deliver:

  • Energy assessments (including Part L)
  • SAP calculations
  • Overheating assessments
  • Lighting design
  • Renewable energy assessments
  • Daylighting assessment
  • Natural ventilation applications

We provide our Environmental Building Services engineering as an individual design service or as part of holistic design approach alongside our Structural Engineering services.

We provide design services across various sectors from concept through to completion. Get in touch to discuss your specific project needs.